Lucky Pick Mystery Event Thirty-One Gifts

Lucky Pick Mystery Event

Is it your lucky day? Whether you enjoy a good mystery, have the luck of the Irish all year, or love Thirty-One Gifts, the answer is YES! The Lucky Pick Mystery Event by Thirty-One Gifts kicks off on Monday, April 13th and everyone is a winner.

How the Lucky Pick Mystery Event works

  1. Each Lucky Pick is only $12
  2. You’ll choose from one of four Lucky Pick numbers
    1. LUCKY 1 – Gumball Machine
    2. LUCKY 2 – Fortune Cookie
    3. LUCKY 3 – Four-leaf Clover
    4. LUCKY 4 – Lucky Duck
  3. Each of the Lucky Pick numbers corresponds to a group of completely random product favorites that are valued between $25 and $48.
  4. You will receive one of the mystery products, delivered to your front door! 

The fine print: No substitutions, only available as offered. Quantity is limited for each item and they are available while supplies last.

How to order a Lucky Pick

  1. Visit starting at noon EST on Monday, April 13th through Thursday, April 16th at midnight EST.
  2. Add your Lucky Pick numbers to your cart.
  3. Shop for any other product(s) you want.
  4. Click on your Cart to check out.
  5. Either Sign In or Create An Account (you’ll earn rewards and special offers when you do, but you may check out as a guest).
  6. Check out.
  7. Stalk your mailbox.
  1. What are the Lucky Pick Mystery Event products? The Mystery Event products are individual Thirty-One products for $12 (valued between $25 and $48). 
  2. If I order Lucky 1 and Lucky 3, will I get the same item? No, each Lucky Pick number represents a different assortment of individual items. Each Lucky Pick number is one individual item.
  3. If I order three Lucky 1s, will I get the same item? You may get the same items or you may get different items.
  4. Will my Lucky Pick purchase count towards the Customer Special? Yes, it will count towards the Customer Special, but it cannot be taken as your 50% off item.
  5. Can I return a Lucky Pick product? No, all sales are final. (In the unlikely event there is an issue, please contact me so I can make it right.)

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